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Editor’s corner: Where the action is

CoverSince the earth shook violently beneath the feet of millions of Haitians on January 12, we Passionists have shared the anguish and relief efforts in various ways.

Along with so many people and organizations who were committed to Haiti before this recent disaster, we have prayed and assisted our confrere, Fr. Rick Frechette, C.P. in his labors as a doctor and overseer of hundreds of orphans and hospital patients.  International news reporters caught up with him eventually because he, like many other Passionists, is where the action is. He had been there for years before they showed up with their camera crews.

In this issue, we throw a little light on some people associated with Fr. Rick, and with our worldwide Passionist mission from Rome to Passionists International at the United Nations. 

The tremendous generosity in donations which we received from so many people for Fr. Rick’s work in Haiti was complemented by the personal service which medical personnel from our Greenville NC parish, and other friends of Fr. Rick, offered in this national emergency.  None of these people sought the spotlight. They consider it a grace and privilege to have served in this extraordinary time of need.

Meanwhile, lay members of Passionist Volunteers International work quietly in the hills of Honduras, accompanying young children and their parents in a formative time of their lives.

Finally, Italian Passionist Fr. Ciro Benedettini’s Vatican City Press Office at St. Peter’s Square keeps him right at the center of the international conversation which the Catholic Church seeks to foster with the entire world. Come, share in the action!

Paul Zilonka, C.P.

Compassion’s editor blogs at Zilonkaworld